Searching local directories

About this task

Use a pathname without a database server name to search for .sql scripts on your local computer. In the following example, the DBPATH setting causes DB-Access to search for the database files in your current directory and then in the Joachim and Sonja directories on the local computer:
setenv DBPATH /usr/joachim:/usr/sonja
As the previous example shows, if the pathname specifies a directory name but not a database server name, the directory is sought on the computer that runs the default database server that the ONEDB_SERVER specifies; see ONEDB_SERVER environment variable. For instance, with the previous example, if ONEDB_SERVER is set to quality, the DBPATH value is interpreted, as the following example shows, where the double slash precedes the database server name:
setenv DBPATH //quality/usr/joachim://quality/usr/sonja