Load Resources

Use this dialog box to load resources into a VersionVault Web view or snapshot view. You can also load resources into an automatic view, but it is not necessary insofar as automatic view resources are loaded implicitly by browsing them.

When you are using the VersionVault Navigator view or VersionVault Details to explore the contents of remote VersionVault repositories, you can use the Load Resources dialog box to load resources into the currently selected view. Load Resources is only available for resources that are not yet loaded into the view. Loading any resource creates a load rule for the resource and then loads the selected version of the resource from the repository (VOB) into the view's copy area. After a resource has been loaded, you can use the Update Resources dialog box to update it to a more recent version.

Note: When you load a file, only that file is loaded. When load a folder, the folder and all of the files and subfolders it contains are loaded.

Controls in the dialog box

The following controls appear in the dialog box:

Control name Control description
Name The name of the resource to be loaded.
Storage Path The full path name into which the resource will be loaded.
Select All Selects all displayed resources.
Deselect All Deselects all displayed resources.
Apply Confirms the operation and allows it to proceed as a foreground task.
Cancel Cancels the operation.