VersionVault View Configuration view

Use the VersionVault View Configuration view to edit the version selection rules and load rules for a view.

To display a VersionVault view's configuration in the VersionVault View Configuration view, perform one of the following actions:
  • Select a VersionVault view in the VersionVault Navigator and then select Show VersionVault View Configuration from the context menu.
  • Go to the main menu and select Window > Show view > VersionVault View Configuration, then click the select view icon icon on the toolbar to open select a view in the Show View Configuration dialog box.

Once you have selected a view's configuration, you can also then click the Edit Configuration add load rule icon icon to open the Edit Configuration window and modify the view configuration.

The content of every VersionVault view is determined by its configuration specification (config spec). The config spec of a VersionVault view includes version selection rules, which select at most one version of each file or directory element in a VOB. If you are using UCM, config specs are defined by the UCM project and created automatically. When you use base VersionVault, you specify the version rules yourself.

Config specs for the copy-based view types (snapshot, web, and automatic) also include load rules, which specify the path names of directories and files to load from the VOB. Load rules are required for snapshot and web views. You can also use them to populate automatic views, but they are unnecessary in that case because you can implicitly load files by opening them.