Updating a VersionVault view

Update a VersionVault snapshot, web, or automatic view to load the element versions selected by the view's config spec. Update also synchronizes a UCM view with its stream. Dynamic views never need updating: they are always up to date

About this task

Note: In addition to updating entire VersionVault views, you can also update individual resources in a view.


  1. In the VersionVault Navigator, select a VersionVault web view, automatic view, or snapshot view.
  2. From the context menu, select Refresh > Update from Repository (for a web or automatic view) or Update view (for a snapshot view) to open the Update Resources dialog box.
  3. Specify how you want the update to deal with hijacked files that it finds in the view.
  4. Optional: If you want to preview the update to see which resources would be updated, select Preview only. Do not load or update any elements.
  5. Click Apply to start the update or preview.


The list of updated resources is displayed on the Results tab of the VersionVault View Configuration view. If the view is a UCM view that uses the same stream as other UCM views, any changes made to that stream in the other views (for example, new versions that were checked in) are included in the update.