Disconnecting from a server or user database

In some circumstances, you might want to disconnect from a VersionVault WAN server.

About this task

When you disconnect from the VersionVault WAN server, all VersionVault automatic views and web views that are connected to that server are disconnected. To disconnect from the associated server or user database, perform the actions described in the following procedure.


  1. Take one of the following actions:
    • In the VersionVault Navigator, select a VersionVault view, or select a VersionVault server, or select a VersionVault resource in the VersionVault Details view. Right-click and select Disconnect.
    • Click the disconnect server icon icon on the VersionVault toolbar or select Disconnect from the VersionVault context menu.
    • In the Eclipse environment or in the VersionVault Navigator, select any resource in a project that has been imported from a VersionVault view and then select Team > Disconnect from the context menu. This action disconnects you from the VersionVault server that supports the view from which the resource was imported.
  2. In the message box that opens, click OK to disconnect from the server. If you do not want to see the confirmation dialog the next time you disconnect, select the Don't show me this message again check box.