Using the HCL VersionVault Explorer

You can use the HCL VersionVault Explorer with UCM or base VersionVault.

Before you begin

Before you can use the HCL VersionVault Explorer, you must create a VersionVault view. Because UCM and base VersionVault require different types of views, you must choose one or the other before you create the views you will use.


To start using the HCL VersionVault Explorer:
  1. Decide whether to use UCM or base VersionVault:
    1. Check with your project manager. Before you can use UCM, the project manager or another user with access to UCM tools must create a UCM project and the components that it uses. In the case of the base VersionVault development model, the project manager will likely supply a set of version selection rules that are to be added to the view's config spec.
    2. Review additional HCL VersionVault documentation about UCM and base VersionVault.
  2. If you are using UCM, click the join UCM project icon icon on the VersionVault toolbar to connect to start the join UCM project wizard.
    This wizard also creates UCM views.
  3. If you are using base VersionVault, click the create view icon icon on the VersionVault toolbar to start the view creation wizard.