Working in the team environment with HCL VersionVault

The HCL VersionVault Explorer supports a variety of team development tasks.

About this task

Working in a team environment with the HCL VersionVault Explorer requires that you perform routine tasks such as:
  • Populating VersionVault views by
    • Mounting VOBs (dynamic and automatic views)
    • Loading them with resources from VersionVault repositories (snapshot, automatic, and web views)
    • Creating resources and adding them to VersionVault source control
  • Modifying resources in VersionVault views
  • Committing your modified resources to the repositories so that they can be shared with your team

In addition, you might occasionally need to configure the HCL VersionVault Explorer to suit personal preferences, upgrade it to a newer version, or perform other maintenance tasks.

All tools and dialog boxes described in this section are available on VersionVault toolbars, from context menus in the VersionVault Navigator and VersionVault Details view, and from menus in the menu bar. If you are using the HCL VersionVault Explorer for Eclipse, you can also access them from the Eclipse Team context menu.

Every view and dialog box in the VersionVault Explorer provides context-sensitive Help. To get Help for the VersionVault Explorer interface that has the current focus, press the platform-specific help key (such as F1 on Windows).