Connecting to an HCL VersionVault (WAN) server

If you are using a Web view or automatic view, you must connect to an HCL VersionVault (WAN) server to access resources in VersionVault repositories.

Before you begin

As part of creating a VersionVault Web view or automatic view, you connect to the VersionVault WAN server. Each such view that you create defines a server connection that you can reuse whenever you want to connect to the server that supports the view. For more information, see Creating a VersionVault view.

About this task

You can also use the following procedure to establish a connection to the VersionVault WAN server that supports the VersionVault view you have created:


  1. Open the Login to VersionVault dialog box. You can do this in either of the following ways:
    • In the VersionVault Navigator, select a VersionVault view supported by the server to which you want to connect and click the clearcase server icon icon on the VersionVault toolbar or select Connect from the VersionVault context menu.
    • In the Eclipse environment, select any resource in a project that has been imported from a VersionVault view and then select Team > Connect from the context menu. This action connects to the VersionVault WAN server that supports the view from which the resource was imported.
    • If you have previously established a connection to the VersionVault WAN server, select the server node for that server in the VersionVault Navigator, right-click and select Connect.
  2. Enter the URL for the VersionVault WAN server in the Server URL field or select a server URL from the drop-down menu. The VersionVault WAN server URL generally takes the following form: http://<server:port>/ccrc
  3. Type your user name into the User Name text box.
    The user name must be valid on the VersionVault WAN server. If the server is running Windows, the user name must include the Windows domain in which the account was created (for example, DOMAIN\user).
  4. Type your password into the Password text box.
    The password must be valid on the VersionVault server for the user name you supplied in the previous step.
  5. If you want the server URL and the user name to be stored for future Eclipse sessions of the current workspace, select Store and reuse credentials. Your password is stored for the current session only.
  6. Click OK.


If the user name and password are valid, you are connected to the VersionVault WAN server, and all VersionVault views supported by that server are marked connected in the VersionVault Navigator.
Note: The VersionVault WAN server might be configured to invalidate connections after a period of inactivity. If your connection has been invalidated, invoking any VersionVault operation that requires a connection displays the VersionVault WAN server dialog box and prompts you to re-authenticate with the server by supplying your password.