About connecting to servers and user databases

You must connect to a VersionVault WAN server to create a VersionVault web view or automatic view or to perform certain operations within such views

VersionVault views and server connections

A VersionVault (WAN) server can support one or more VersionVault views on your local host. If a single VersionVault server supports all the VersionVault views on your host, you have to connect only once. If the VersionVault views on your local host are supported by different VersionVault servers, you must connect to each server that supports a VersionVault view in which you want to work. You can have multiple server connections active simultaneously.

You are prompted to log in to VersionVault when you select a VersionVault view and choose the Connect option or when you are working in a VersionVault view that is not connected and you attempt to perform a VersionVault operation that requires a server connection. You are also prompted to login to VersionVault when you access information or perform operations in a VersionVault node.