About the HCL VersionVault Explorer for Eclipse

The HCL VersionVault Explorer for Eclipse integrates HCL VersionVault with Eclipse team services.

The HCL VersionVault Explorer for Eclipse provides all the features of the HCL VersionVault Explorer and extensions that enable you to use HCL VersionVault as a team services provider when working in the Eclipse workbench environment. When you use the HCL VersionVault Explorer for Eclipse:
  • A VersionVault perspective is available in the Eclipse Open Perspective dialog box.
  • VersionVault operations are accessible from the Eclipse Team menu.
  • VersionVault label decorations are visible in workbench views.
  • VersionVault search is available from the Eclipse search dialog box.
  • Name patterns specific to HCL VersionVault are added to the list of resource name patterns that Eclipse can be configured to ignore when considering resources for addition to source control.
  • A special set of preferences controls how VersionVault operations interact with Eclipse tools.
  • Eclipse projects and team project sets can be exported to VersionVault from an Eclipse workspace or imported from an HCL VersionVault repository.