Configuring VersionVault Explorer preferences

Use the VersionVault Windows Explorer preferences page to specify the appearance of the VersionVault Explorer.


To configure VersionVault Windows Explorer preferences:
  1. From the main menu bar, click Window > Preferences to open the Preferences dialog box.
    • If you are using the HCL VersionVault Explorer for Eclipse, select Team > HCL VersionVault Explorer > VersionVault Explorer
    • If you are using the HCL VersionVault Explorer, select HCL VersionVault Explorer > VersionVault Windows Explorer.
  2. To specify that hovering over an object with the cursor in the VersionVault Navigator view or in the VersionVault Details view produces additional information about the current object, click the Display tool tips in VersionVault Navigator and VersionVault Details views preference.
  3. To specify the modified time of the element as the last modified time of that version in the VOB (instead of the time when the element was last loaded, updated, or restored), click the Preserve version creation time when files are updated or loaded from the server (web and automatic views only) preference.
    Note: Using this preference setting can also affect an Undo Checkout or Undo Hijack operation. Undoing a hijack operation reloads the corresponding version from the server and restores the last modified time as specified by this preference setting. Likewise, undoing a checkout operation restores the corresponding version of the element and also restores the last modified time according to this preference setting.
  4. To preserve the last modified time during a checkin operation or when adding resources to source control, click the Preserve modification time when checking in files and adding new files to source control preference.
  5. By default, the selection Preserve version creation time when files are checked out (dynamic and automatic views only) is already checked.
  6. To append the name of the VersionVault server and its connection status to the names of each of your VersionVault views, click the Decorate view names with server names and connection status in VersionVault Navigator preference.
  7. By default, the selection Always prompt before disconnecting preference is already checked.
  8. Select Automatically request mastership if necessary to perform a VersionVault operation preference if you want to have control of the operations.
  9. By default, the Prompt to repair discordance found while browsing preference is already checked.
  10. To display view private artifacts that might be eclipsing versioned resources, select the Decorate eclipsing view private resources in dynamic/automatic views preference. Keep in mind that this is only relevant for dynamic and automatic views.
  11. To save the cleartext cache for automatic views, click Browse to select the default location.
  12. To save your preferences, click Apply if you want to save and leave the Preferences window open to make more changes, and/or click OK to save and close the window.
    • To restore all VersionVault Windows Explorer preferences to their default settings, click Restore Defaults.
    • To cancel the operation and close the dialog box, click Cancel.