Team support for the HCL VersionVault Explorer interface

The HCL VersionVault Explorer provides graphical user interfaces to VersionVault tools.

The HCL VersionVault Explorer supports graphical user interfaces that allow you to:

  • Create and configure VersionVault views on your computer.
  • Explore the contents of local VersionVault views and remote repositories.
  • Add resources to source control.
  • Modify resources that are under source control.
  • Share your work with other team members.

The HCL VersionVault Explorer includes the VersionVault Perspective (a collection of viewers that support functions like browsing, searching, sorting, and selecting), wizards and dialog boxes that support various VersionVault operations, and toolbars that provide access to the wizards and dialog boxes.

Context-sensitive Help

Every view and dialog box in the VersionVault Explorer provides context-sensitive Help. To get Help for the VersionVault Explorer interface that has the current focus, press the platform-specific help key (such as F1 on Windows).