VersionVault Dialog Boxes

The HCL VersionVault Explorer uses dialog boxes to provide access to VersionVault operations.

The HCL VersionVault Explorer provides a number of dialog boxes that are accessible from the VersionVault toolbar as well as from most context menus in the VersionVault perspective. In the Eclipse environment, VersionVault dialog boxes are also accessible from the Team context menu.

Background execution

Some HCL VersionVault Explorer dialog boxes present a Run in Background option in the progress dialog box that appears after you click Apply. If you choose to run an operation in the background, it runs at a lower priority and does not prevent you from initiating other tasks while it runs. You may want to consider clicking Run in Background after starting a long-running operation (for example, a view update where many resources are involved). To obtain detailed information about the status of a background operation, click the Details button.