VersionVault Checkouts view

The VersionVault Checkouts view displays all checkouts in the currently selected view or folder.

The VersionVault Checkouts view displays a list of all of the artifacts that are currently checked out in the view or folder.

To open the VersionVault Checkouts view, take one of the following actions:

  • Right-click an HCL VersionVault view and then select Show Checkouts on the context menu
  • Select Window -> Show View -> Other -> VersionVault Explorer -> VersionVault -> Checkouts

The VersionVault Checkouts view shows the Name, Activity (if you are using a UCM view), Comment, and Path for each checkout. The view automatically refreshes to add or remove artifacts as their states change. Logical model resources appear in the view grouped by the model. On startup, the view automatically populates using the most recent view context.