VersionVault properties view

The HCL VersionVault properties view displays properties of elements, versions, VOBs, and VersionVault views. Some properties of elements, versions, and VOBs can be modified by a user with adequate privileges.

Properties of elements, versions, and VOBs

VersionVault Properties pages for elements, versions, and VOBs provide access to metadata that describes VOBs and the objects they contain. Each page has several tabs, and each tab displays a group of related properties of the selected object (element, version, or VOB). Many of these properties are read-only, but some can be modified by users of the HCL VersionVault Explorer.

You can use VersionVault Properties pages to view or change properties of elements, versions, and VOBs regardless of whether they are loaded.

Note: In an Eclipse environment, you can use the Eclipse properties viewer to show certain properties of project resources. The Eclipse properties viewer does not display VersionVault properties of these resources.

Properties of VOB symbolic links

You cannot display the properties of a resource that is a VOB symbolic link. You can display the properties of the link's target, which is loaded into the view at the path name specified in the Version column of the VersionVault Details view.

Properties of VersionVault views

You can display the properties of VersionVault views, but you cannot modify these properties.