VersionVault Merge Manager

The HCL VersionVault Merge Manager is a wizard that manages the process of merging, for one or more elements, a version in a VOB to the version selected by a local VersionVault view. It automates the processes of finding the versions that require a merge, starting a merge, and tracking the progress of a merge. It allows you to suspend and resume merges as needed.

To start the Merge Manager, click the VersionVault Merge Search Merge Manager icon icon on the VersionVault advanced toolbar. The Merge Manager helps you to select a VersionVault view where the merges will take place, select folders or files to consider for merging, and optionally override default selection criteria for the versions to merge from (the from-version) and specify other merge options.

If you are using UCM, you do not have to use the Merge Manager for routine rebase and deliver operations, which detect required merges and handle them as needed.