Create rolemap view

Use this window to create a new rolemap.

Controls in the dialog box

The following controls appear in the dialog box:

Control name Control description
Rolemap Name Enter a name for the new policy in the text box.
Save Click save your changes when you are finished.
Initialize from an existing rolemap Click to invoke the Rolemap Browser where you can select an existing rolemap to use for initializing the new rolemap.
Role assignments Click to modify or add role assignments for principals. Select the by Role tab to view the assignments according to roles or select the by Principal tab to view the assignments organized by principals.
Permissions Displays the permissions granted in the currently selected policy. Select the by Type tab to view the permissions by resource type or select the by Principal tab to view the permissions in terms of the principals.
Open <policy_name> in the Policy Editor Click to open the current policy in the policy editor so that you can modify it.
Specify a different Policy for this Rolemap Click to invoke the Change Rolemap Policy dialog box which you can use to specify a new policy for the current rolemap.