Editing a rolemap

You can edit existing ACLs rolemaps in a VersionVault VOB.

Before you begin

You must be connected to the VOB server (in the case of a dynamic view) or the VersionVault WAN server (if you are using a web view or automatic view) to edit an ACLs rolemap.

About this task

You create rolemaps in conjunction with policies. The intent is that you can define a small number of policies that determine 'how' you apply permissions to objects. You then define a number of rolemaps for each policy describing 'who' takes on the roles in the policy. By separating the 'how' and the 'who', you should be able to reuse your policies multiple times and reduce the complexity of your security administration.
Note: Rolemap modifications will affect containers on disk for all elements that are using the rolemap for ACL information. This may take a long time to execute if a large number of elements are protected by the rolemap. In a replicated environment with preserving replicas, importing an oplog with a rolemap modification will modify the containers on disk, and may also take a long time to execute.


To edit an existing ACLs rolemap in the VersionVault Explorer:
  1. In the VersionVault Navigator view, locate the VOB containing the rolemap you want to edit.
  2. Click the plus sign (+) next to the VOB name to expand the node.
  3. Click ACLs.
  4. Click Rolemaps.
  5. In the VersionVault Details view, right click the name of the rolemap you want to edit and select Open Rolemap from the context menu.
  6. On the Edit Rolemap page, enter a name for the new rolemap in the Rolemap Name text box.
  7. Add or modify role assignments for principals in the Role assignments panel.
  8. Specify permissions for the roles in the Permissions panel.
  9. Click Save.