Removing a rolemap

You can use the VersionVault Explorer to remove an ACLs rolemap.

About this task

Over time, you may accumulate obsolete ACLs rolemaps that you want to remove.


To remove an ACLs rolemap:
  1. In the VersionVault Navigator view, locate the VOB containing the rolemap you want to remove.
  2. Click the plus sign (+) next to the VOB name to expand the node.
  3. Click ACLs.
  4. Click Rolemaps.
  5. In the VersionVault Detailsview, right-click the name of the rolemap you want to remove, and select Remove Rolemap from the context menu.
    The Remove Rolemap: Confirmation dialog box displays.
  6. In the Remove Rolemap: Confirmation dialog box, click OK to remove the rolemap.