Adding resources to HCL VersionVault source control

Use the Add to Source Control dialog box to add view-private resources to HCL VersionVault.

Before you begin

Before you can add resources to VersionVault source control, the VOB to which you intend to add the resources must exist and be accessible.

  • If you are using a web view or snapshot view, the VOB directory that will contain the resources must be loaded.
  • If you are using an automatic view, you can implicitly load the resources by browsing them, or load them explicitly (by means of load rules that you have specified in the config spec).


To add one or more resources to VersionVault source control:
  1. Select the resources that you want to add to source control.
    Use the VersionVault Navigator, VersionVault Details view, or VersionVault Search Results view. If you are working in the Eclipse environment, use any Eclipse view that supports the Team context menu.
  2. To open the Add to Source Control dialog box, click the add to source control icon icon on the VersionVault toolbar, or take either of the following actions:
    • Select Add to Source Control from the VersionVault context menu.
    • In the Eclipse environment, select Add to Source Control from the Team context menu.
  3. Specify Add to Source Control options and click Apply.
  4. If there are any HCL VersionVault triggers associated with this operation, you may be prompted to supply additional information or take further action.


The view-private resources are added to VersionVault and become versioned objects. If you specified Checkout files after adding to source control, the files (not the directories) are checked out and can be modified. (Your modifications are not visible to others until you check them in.)

Note: Adding a directory to source control does not add its contents. Adding the contents of a directory to source control also adds the containing directory to source control.

If resource decorations are enabled, checked-in resources are decorated with the blue square overlay icon icon and checked-out resources are decorated with the check mark icon icon.