Exporting an Eclipse project set to HCL VersionVault

When you use the Eclipse export wizard to create a Team Project Set, create the project set file.

Before you begin

Before you can export an Eclipse Team Project Set to HCL VersionVault, you must:

  • Add all project resources to HCL VersionVault.
  • Load the VersionVault web, automatic, or snapshot view that contains the project sources with the VOB directory to which you will export the project set file. (Resource loading is unnecessary if you use a dynamic view.) Although you can use any VOB directory for this purpose, it a good practice to put the project set file in its own directory, or in a directory that contains information related to all projects in the set, but does not contain any other project resources.


To export an Eclipse Team Project Set to HCL VersionVault:
  1. In the Java perspective, click File > Export to start the Eclipse Export wizard.
  2. In the Eclipse Export Wizard, select Team Project Set and click Next.
  3. In the Eclipse Share Project dialog box, select VersionVault Explorer as the repository type and then click Next.
  4. Select the projects to include in the set, and create the project set file.
    If you create the project set file in the copy area of a connected VersionVault view, you are prompted to add it to source control.
  5. Optional: If the project set file was not added to source control in step 4, you must add it to source control before other team members can access it in the repository.
    Project set files that are not under source control can be distributed to team members by other means (for example, e-mail) and used to import project sets from a VOB.


The project set file is added to source control and is available for import by other team members.