Customizing the VersionVault Explorer perspective

You can customize the VersionVault Explorer perspective to display the toolbars and other user interface items that you want to see.

Before you begin

This option is available only when using the HCL VersionVault Explorer for Eclipse.


  1. In Eclipse, switch to the VersionVault Explorer perspective, or click Window > Open Perspective > Other and select VersionVault Explorer to open it if it is not already open.
  2. Click Window > Customize Perspective.
  3. On the Shortcuts tab, select VersionVault. Select the VersionVault shortcuts (user interface items) that you want to see in the VersionVault Explorer perspective.
  4. On the Commands tab, select the VersionVault toolbars to be displayed.
  5. On the Commands tab, select VersionVault Main Menu to show a VersionVault item on the Eclipse main menu bar.
  6. Click OK to confirm your selections.