Importing an Eclipse Team Project Set from HCL VersionVault

Use Import Project Set in the VersionVault perspective to load resources from all projects in an Eclipse Team Project Set into a VersionVault view and import them into the associated Eclipse workspace.


To import an Eclipse Team Project Set from HCL VersionVault:
  1. In the VersionVault Navigator or VersionVault Details view, select a project set file (.psf) to import.
  2. From the VersionVault context menu, click Import > Import Project Set into Workspace or, if this option is not active, from the menu bar select File > Import > Team Project Set and then enter or select the project set file (.psf) and clickFinish. If the project set is not in a VersionVault VOB, the VersionVault View dialog appears.
  3. The VersionVault views that are currently running on your system appear in the VersionVault View dialog. Select the view you want to use to import the project set. Note that if the VersionVault SCM Adapter is also installed on your machine, your VersionVault SCM Adapter Dynamic and Snapshot views also are displayed in the VersionVault View dialog. If you select a VersionVault SCM Adapter Dynamic or Snapshot view, any future VersionVault operations that you perform on the project set in Eclipse are accomplished through the VersionVault SCM Adapter.
  4. Click OK to import the project set using the VersionVault view you selected.


The project set appears in the VersionVault view.