VersionVault Navigator view

Use the VersionVault Navigator view to explore the contents of HCL VersionVault repositories and HCL VersionVault views on this computer, to explore the metadata associated with base VersionVault and UCM VOBs.

The VersionVault Navigator view displays a list of all HCL VersionVault views on the local host as well as a list of VersionVault servers that have been previously connected to. You can use the VersionVault Navigator to explore the contents of the objects in each of the lists. You can also use the view to explore the contents of HCL VersionVault repositories (VOBs) and modify resources.

Details about objects selected in the VersionVault Navigator view appear in the VersionVault Details view.

To access the VersionVault Navigator, click Window > Show View > VersionVault Navigator. If VersionVault Navigator does not appear in the list, click Other > VersionVault and then select VersionVault Navigator.

To explore the contents of a view in the VersionVault Navigator, click the plus sign (+) adjacent to My Views, then select an HCL VersionVault view (indicated with aview icon) from the expanded list.
Note: The My Views folder may not appear if a customized working set is active.
Click the plus sign (+) adjacent to the view icon. Folders in a VersionVault view appear in both the VersionVault Navigator and the VersionVault Details view. Files appear only in the VersionVault Details view.

If no VersionVault views appear in the list, use one of the VersionVault view creation wizards to create one. If you are in a LAN environment and you have previously created Dynamic views that do not appear, you must start the view first by right-clicking My Views in the VersionVault Navigator, selecting Start Dynamic View from the context menu, and selecting the Dynamic view that you want to activate in the Start view dialog box.

To explore a VersionVault server, click the plus sign (+) adjacent to the VersionVault node. VersionVault VOBs, PVOBs, UCM projects, and streams known to a VersionVault server appear in both the Navigator view and the Details view. UCM activities, label types, and branch types appear only in the Details view. To work with UCM activities, click the My Activities node in the VersionVault Navigator view; the UCM activities then appear in the VersionVault Details view.

VersionVault Navigator view options

Click the Menu icon Eclipse view menu  icon on the VersionVault Navigator view toolbar to open the options menu. From this options menu, you can connect to or disconnect from a server or database, set one or more of the available view filters (Unloaded elements, Unloaded Private VOBs, Unloaded Public VOBs), set or manage working sets, and Refresh the resources displayed in the Navigator view.