VOB tags and VOB access

VOBs can be classified as public or private. The HCL VersionVault Explorer can access both types of VOBs.

Whenever you use the VersionVault Navigator, VersionVault Details, or any other HCL VersionVault Explorer interface that lists VOBs, you see a list of VOB tags. A VOB tag is a name by which VersionVault tools and processes refer to a VOB. These names are stored in a database on the HCL VersionVault server or another HCL VersionVault host to which the VersionVault server has access. This database is called the VersionVault Registry. The list of VOB tags accessible to the VersionVault server is determined by the VersionVault Registry and Registry Region to which the server belongs.

Each VOB tag has an attribute that classifies the VOB as public or private. Because public VOB tags can only be created by VersionVault administrators, public VOBs are more likely to contain resources of general interest. Private VOBs are often created for testing, or to serve the temporary needs of a small group of users. HCL VersionVault Explorer users can access both public and private VOBs.

All HCL VersionVault Explorer interfaces that list VOB tags provide a way to suppress the listing of private VOBs.