About working sets in the HCL VersionVault Navigator view

Use working sets to limit the items that appear in the VersionVault Navigator view.

It is possible to have a large number of nodes present in the VersionVault Navigator view. You might need to see only a small number of these nodes at one time. For example, you might want to see only the views and elements that are necessary to complete the activity that you are currently working on. To limit the items that you see in the Navigator view, you can create a working set, and whenever that working set is active, only the items you choose to include in it are visible in the Navigator.

You can add or remove items from a working set after you have created it, and you can delete the working set.

Working sets persist across sessions, and you can switch from one working set to another one or to the default working set at any time. When you set the Navigator view to Default working set, it displays all available nodes.

Different working set operations are available from different parts of the VersionVault Navigator. You can create or add items to an existing working set from the context menu of any node, and you can switch between working sets, turn them off or manage them from the VersionVault Navigator view option menu.

When a working set is turned on, the working set icon filtered ClearCase Tree icon appears in the left corner of the VersionVault Navigator tab and the name of the working set appears in parentheses on the right: (working set_name).