Compare/Merge view

The Compare/Merge view displays contributor and/or output files for either compare operations or merge operations, depending on the context in which the view was accessed.

You can use the Compare/Merge view to:

  • Compare directories
  • Compare text files
  • Merge directories
  • Merge text files

To compare files or directories using the Compare/Merge view, right-click a directory or file and select Compare with Predecessor to compare the resource to its preceding version or select Compare with Another VersionVault Version to compare the resource to a version other than its predecessor.

The Compare/Merge view is used for merging files or directories any time a manual merge is started as the result of an operation.
Note: You can also use Eclipse tools to compare and merge text files but not to compare and merge directories.

You can also search for text in the Compare/Merge view with the VersionVault Find Text tool.