VersionVault Change Set view

The VersionVault Change Set view displays change set information for HCL VersionVault activities.

The VersionVault Change Set view displays a list of all of the element versions in the change set of any activity that is loaded in your workspace. You can perform all standard version operations on versions displayed in the VersionVault Change Set view.

To open the VersionVault Change Set view, right-click a VersionVault activity or a VersionVault view and then select Show Change Set on the context menu.

The Show only latest version option can be set in the view menu so that only the latest version for any element is displayed. You can sort the list by element name, which orders elements alphabetically, or sort by creation time, which orders the list from most to least recent or least to most recent.

Use the Move option in the menu to move versions of an element from one activity to another. You can also drag and drop versions from one activity to another.

VersionVault Change Set view toolbar

The following controls appear in the VersionVault Change Set view:

Icon name Icon Description
Pin View pin view icon Click to pin the current Change Set view to your workspace. This allows you to display another change set in a separate Change Set view. You can drag and drop versions between the two Change Set views.
Select an activity activities icon Use the Select an activity menu to view the change set for a different activity in the currently selected view.
Select a view select a view icon Use the Select a view menu to select a different view and then select an activity in that view to display its change set.
Refresh refresh icon Click Refresh to display the most recent list of versions in the currently selected change set.