Finding resources that need to be merged

Use the VersionVault Merge Manager to find resources in a VersionVault view that need to have changes merged from a version in a VOB.

About this task

The VersionVault Merge Manager works as follows:

  1. It considers a set of versions, which you specify on the Select Elements for Merging page of the VersionVault Merge Search wizard.
  2. For each of these versions, the merge manager examines the relationship between the version in the target view and a from-version selected using criteria you specify on the Specify selection criteria and merge options page. It determines whether a merge is required from that version to the version in the target view.
  3. The merge manager then displays the list of merge candidates in the Merge Manager Search Results view. Some merge candidates can be merged automatically. Others must be merged manually, using VersionVault tools or, in the HCL VersionVault Explorer for Eclipse, Eclipse tools.

You typically use the merge manager with base VersionVault, before you check in resources that may have modifications that conflict with ones you have made. If you use UCM, the Rebase Stream and Deliver from Stream operations subsume merge manager functionality for most use cases.


To start the merge manager:
  1. In the VersionVault Navigator, select the VersionVault view in which you want to search for resources that may need to be merged.
    The view you select will be used as the target view for the merge.
  2. Click the VersionVault Merge Search merge manager icon icon on the VersionVault advanced toolbar.
  3. In the VersionVault Merge Search wizard, specify merge search options.
  4. When the search is complete, examine the results in the Merge Manager Search Results view and specify how to carry out any required merges.


If you choose to manually start a merge, the default tool associated with the object type starts. You can change which tool starts by default for different types on the Compare/Merge preferences page.