Checking out resources

Check out resources when you want to modify them.

About this task

Checking out a resource makes the resource modifiable in the view.


To check out one or more resources:
  1. Select the resources that you want to check out.
    Use the VersionVault Navigator, VersionVault Details view, VersionVault Search Results view, or the VersionVault Version Tree view. If you are working in the Eclipse environment, use any Eclipse view that supports the Team context menu.
  2. To open the Controls in the checkout dialog box dialog box, click the check out icon icon on the VersionVault toolbar, or take either of the following actions:
    • Select Check Out from the context menu in the VersionVault Navigator.
    • In the Eclipse environment, select Check Out from the Team context menu.
    • In the VersionVault Version Tree view, right-click the version selected by your view and select Check Out.
  3. Specify checkout options in the dialog box and click Apply.
  4. If there are any HCL VersionVault triggers associated with this operation, you may be prompted to supply additional information or take further action.


If resource decorations have been enabled, checked-out resources are decorated with the checked-out icon icon. In the VersionVault Version Tree view, the checked-out version is decorated with the following icon:checked-out icon

Note: You cannot check out a resource that is a VOB symbolic link. To modify such a resource, you must check out the link's target at the path name specified in the Version column of the VersionVault Details view.