Deleting resources

You can use the VersionVault Navigator or VersionVault Details view to delete resources under VersionVault source control. On Windows systems, you can also perform this operation from Windows Explorer. The resources are not, in fact, deleted: they are only uncataloged from the current version of the directory and can be recovered from the predecessor version of the directory.


To uncatalog VersionVault resources:
  1. In the VersionVault Navigator or VersionVault Details view select the resource(s) you want to remove from the selected directory version.
  2. Select Remove from the context menu.
    The Remove dialog box opens. If it opens in simplified version of the Remove dialog box, you can click Show Details to display options. You can click Hide Details to return to a simplified version of the dialog box.
  3. Adjust settings and options if necessary.
  4. If you want the parent directory to be checked in when the operation is complete, clear the Leave the parent directory checked out option.
  5. Click OK to complete the delete operation or Cancel to cancel it.