Working disconnected

When you choose to work disconnected, actions that require a server connection are disabled and you are not prompted to connect when you attempt to perform them. You can work disconnected from a VOB server (in the case of a snapshot view) or from the VersionVault WAN server (in the cases of a web view or automatic view).

About this task

When you choose to work disconnected, all your active connections to servers are disconnected. You cannot perform actions that require a connection to a server, and you are not prompted to connect if you attempt to perform any of these actions.

When you disconnect from an automatic view, the view shows the namespace that was populated when the view was connected. However, not all of the file system objects that correspond to the namespace entries are necessarily accessible. For example, suppose that while you were connected to a VOB, you browsed a directory without opening any of the files in that directory. After you disconnect, the file names are still displayed in your view, but an attempt to open one of those files results in an error. Or suppose that you didn't browse the directory while your view was connected: in this case, the automatic view would show an empty directory.


  1. Open a dialog box to log in by selecting Connect from the VersionVault menu or from the context menu of a resource.
  2. Click Work Disconnected.