Modifying version selection rules

Each VersionVault view has a set of version selection rules, which specify the versions of elements to display in the view.

About this task

When you first create a VersionVault view, it has a set of version selection rules. If the view is a UCM view, these rules are specified by the project and should not be modified without guidance from the project manager. If the view is a base VersionVault view, it can be created with a default set of version selection rules or can use version selection rules from another view.


To view or edit version selection rules:
  1. In the VersionVault Navigator, right-click a VersionVault view.
  2. From the context menu, select view config icon Show VersionVault View Configuration to open the VersionVault View Configuration view.
  3. In the VersionVault View Configuration view, click the Edit Configuration icon edit configuration icon.
  4. In the Edit Configuration dialog box, click the Version Selection Rules tab.
  5. Modify the rules by editing them or by pasting in rules from another view.
  6. Click OK in the Edit Configuration dialog box to update the version selection rules and start loading the view with the changed selections.