Canceling a checkout

Cancel a checkout if it was not needed or to discard your changes.


To cancel (undo) checkouts of one or more resources:
  1. Select the checked-out resources for which you want to cancel the checkouts.
    Use the VersionVault Navigator, VersionVault Details view, VersionVault Search Results view, or the VersionVault Version Tree view. If you are working in the Eclipse environment, use any Eclipse view that supports the Team context menu.
  2. To open the Undo Checkout dialog box, click the undo checkout icon icon on the VersionVault toolbar, or take either of the following actions:
    • Select Undo Check Out from the context menu in the VersionVault Navigator.
    • In the Eclipse environment, select Undo Check Out from the Team context menu.
    • In the VersionVault Version Tree view, right-click the checked-out version and select Undo Check Out.
  3. Select Save a copy of the file with a '.keep' extension to preserve a view-private copy of the file named filename.keep.
  4. Click OK.


The checkouts are canceled and the selected versions of the resources are loaded from the VOB as checked-in (read-only) files. If you selected Keep a copy modified artifacts, the contents of the checked-out files are preserved as view-private files with names of the form filename.keep.