Finding modified files

Use VersionVault Search to find files that have been checked out, hijacked, or that have not been added to source control.

About this task

Use the VersionVault Search dialog box to search VersionVault views for resources in any of the following states:
  • Checked-out files and directories
  • View-private files and directories (ones that have not been added to VersionVault source control)
  • Hijacked files

When you run VersionVault Search from the VersionVault perspective, you can specify any of the following search scopes:

  • A single folder in a VersionVault view.
  • All folders in a single VersionVault view.
  • All VersionVault views on this computer (automatic and web views)
  • All VersionVault views (dynamic views and snapshot views that are connected to the LAN)

In an Eclipse environment, when you use the VersionVault Search tab of the Eclipse search dialog box, you can specify any of the following search scopes:

  • The entire workspace.
  • A specific working set in the workspace.
  • Specific resources in the workspace.

VersionVault Search is useful when you want to display a list of all resources in one or more VersionVault views on which certain types of operations might be needed (a list of all files that need to be checked in, for example, or a list of view-private files and folders to be considered for adding to source control.)


  1. To open the VersionVault Search dialog box, click the ClearCase search icon icon on the VersionVault toolbar, or take either of the following actions:
    • Select a resource in the VersionVault Navigator and then select VersionVault Search from the context menu.
    • In the Eclipse environment, click the Search icon on the Eclipse toolbar to open the Eclipse search dialog box and select the VersionVault Search tab.
  2. In the Search for section of the dialog box, select one or more resource states to search for.
  3. In the Scope section of the dialog box, specify a scope for the search.
  4. Click Search to begin searching.


Search results are displayed in the VersionVault Search Results view.