Deliver Results

Results of a Deliver are displayed in the Deliver Results view.

When a deliver operation runs, the results are displayed in the Deliver Results view. When you select an item from the list, related operations are accessible from a context menu. You can also select global operations (ones that apply to all the items in the list) from the Deliver Results toolbar.

Columns in the table

The following columns are displayed in the Deliver Results table.

Column name Displays
Name The name of the resource.
Merge Status Either Needs Merge or Merged
Merge Type Either Trivial or Manual.
Full Path The full path name to the resource in the VersionVault view's copy area.

You can sort the table by any column, in ascending or descending lexical order. Click any column header to sort by that column, or click the Eclipse view menu icon icon on the toolbar and select Sort to specify sorting options. You can also adjust the size of each column. Any changes you make to the sort order or column size are automatically saved for the associated object and are applied every time you view that object in the current and subsequent sessions.

Icons on the toolbar

The following icons appear on the Deliver Results toolbar.

Icon Description
cancel icon Stop the current operation.
resume icon Resume an in-progress deliver operation.
manual merge icon Start the appropriate manual merge tools for any items that need to be merged.
deliver complete icon Complete the deliver operation.
deliver undo icon Cancel (undo) the deliver operation.