About UCM Rebase operations

To reduce the number of merges or possible build errors encountered when integrating your work, rebase a UCM stream to update a UCM view with the set of versions selected by the parent stream's recommended baselines, or with a set of versions in baselines that you choose.

You can rebase your development work area by using the Default Rebase method or by using the Advanced Rebase method.

The Default Rebase method is designed to silently perform the rebase operation once you have defined a source stream and VersionVault view to use, providing that no manual merges are necessary.

The Advanced Rebase method allows you to exercise greater control over the rebase operation by specifying rebase options.

You can also perform rebase operations in the VersionVault Pending Changes view.

You can set Rebase configuration parameters by selecting Window > Preferences > Team > VersionVault Explorer > Integration > Rebase and Deliver.