Update Resources

Use this dialog box to update a VersionVault web view, automatic view, or snapshot view or selected resources within such view types.

Updating a VersionVault view ensures that its contents are up to date with respect to the VOB, and that changes checked in by other team members are visible in the view. Update checks to see that the resources loaded into the view have the versions that the view's config spec selects. When necessary, update copies files and directories from the VOB, or removes or renames files and directories in the view.

The update operation does any or all of the following tasks:

  • Loads new versions of checked-in files and directories from the VOB as required by changes in the view's version selection rules. (In a UCM view, version selection rules are set in the stream to which the view is bound.)
  • Synchronizes a UCM view with its stream. When more than one UCM view uses a given stream, the results of operations such as checkin or rebase in one of the views are not reflected in the other views until the views are updated.
  • Adds new resources to the view or unloads resources, as required by changes in the view's load rules.
  • Removes or renames checked-in files or directories that have been removed or renamed in the VOB.

You can preview the update to see which resources are out-of-date. This preview can help you assess the impact of the update on the contents of your view and also give you an idea of how long the update will take.

If the view contains any hijacked files, you must specify how the update operation should handle them.

Controls in the dialog box

The following controls appear in the dialog box:

Controls in the dialog box

Applicability Control name Control description
Automatic, web, and snapshot views Hijacked Files Handling Specify how to treat any hijacked files that the view contains.
Do not update hijacked files Select this option to leave hijacked files unchanged. You can cancel the hijacks or convert them to checkouts later.
Rename hijacked files with ".keep" extension and load selected version from VOB Select this option to rename each hijacked file to filename.keep and then load the currently selected version from the VOB.
Replace (overwrite) hijacked files with selected version from VOB Select this option to overwrite each hijacked file with the currently selected version from the VOB. Any changes to the hijacked files are lost.
Web views Name The name of the VersionVault view or resource selected for update.
Storage Path The full path name to the resource.
Select All Selects all displayed resources.
Deselect All Deselects all displayed resources.
Preview only. Do not load or update any resources. Select this check box and then click Apply to preview the update, so that you can see which elements need to be updated.
Apply Confirms the operation and allows it to proceed.
Cancel Cancels the operation.
Automatic views Show update log Displays the results of the update.
Refresh automatically (not recommended) Refreshes the display of objects in the automatic view that is being updated. Everything that you have browsed is refreshed. Therefore, if you have browsed many files and directories, this operation can take a long time to complete, which is why this operation is not generally recommended.