@WebDbName (Formula Language)

Returns the name of the current database encoded for URL inclusion.

Note: This @function is new with Release 6.



Return value


Text. The URL encoded name of the database.


The return value can be placed as is in a URL command.

URL encoding changes most special characters to the text %xx where xx is a hexadecimal number representing the value of the character. In particular, spaces are changed to %20.

A backslash (\) is changed to a forward slash (/) rather than encoded. Double backslashes (\\) are removed. Dashes (-) are passed through as is.

The file extension starting with the period is not encoded.

This function is most effective when used in Web applications. When executed from the Notes® client, with @URLOpen, for example, specify the host name before this function or the URL command will not execute properly:

@URLOpen("//hostname/" + @WebDbName + "/viewname?OpenView")


In an application accessed from the Web, this action opens "View A" in the current database. Note that "View+A" could also be written as "View%20A" in the formula.
@URLOpen(@WebDbName + "/View+A?OpenView")