@Subset (Formula Language)

Searches a list from beginning to end and returns the number values you specify. If you specify a negative number, @Subset searches the list from end to beginning, but the result is ordered as from the beginning of the list.


@Subset( list ; number )



Text list, number list, time-date list, or time-date range list. The list whose subset you want.


Number. The number of values from list that you want. Specifying zero (0) returns the error, "The second argument to @Subset must not be zero."

Return value


Text list, number list, or time-date list.The list, containing the number of values you specified.


  1. This example returns New Orleans;London.
    @Subset("New Orleans":"London":"Frankfurt":"Tokyo";2)
  2. This example returns London;Frankfurt;Tokyo.
    @Subset("New Orleans":"London":"Frankfurt":"Tokyo";-3)
  3. This example returns New Orleans;London;Frankfurt if the field named BranchOffices is made up of the list "New Orleans" : "London" : "Frankfurt" : "Tokyo" : "Singapore" : "Sydney."