@GetViewInfo (Formula Language)

Returns a view attribute.

Note: This @function is new with Release 6.


@GetViewInfo ( [ attribute ] ; column )


[ attribute ]

Keyword. Must be enclosed in brackets. Use one of the following keywords:


Returns as a numeric value the number of days displayed: 1, 2, 5, 7, and so on. Applies to calendar views only.


Returns as a text value the value of a column for the current row. Requires the second parameter.


Returns @True if time slots are displayed on the lefthand side, @False otherwise. Applies to 1-day and 2-day calendar views only.


Returns True (1) if the @SetViewInfo command has been used to limit which documents are displayed in the view, False (0) otherwise. This is useful in hide formulas for view actions.


Number. Required for [ColumnValue]; otherwise does not apply. The column number starting with 0 for the first column and counting hidden columns.

Return value


The value of the attribute as described previously.


This function is not available in selection or column formulas and will return null if used there.

Look at the view design or design synopsis to determine column numbers. You cannot count columns by looking at a view in the Notes® client or a browser.

  • If you look at the view in Domino® Designer, the first column is 0, the second column is 1, and so on.
  • If you look at a view synopsis (Database - Design Synopsis), subtract 1 from the column number listed there.


  1. This hide-column formula hides the "End date" column in a calendar view if time slots are enabled or the format is for 30 days.
    @GetViewInfo([IsCalViewTimeSlotOn]) |
    @GetViewInfo([CalendarViewFormat]) = 30

  2. This hide-action formula hides an action if column 4 (a hidden column) has the programmatically assigned value "Task."
    @GetViewInfo([ColumnValue]; 4) = "Task"
    Note: The fifth column is the hidden column if the column numbers start with one. However, the parameter is specified to start with zero.

  3. This default field value on a form displays the value of the third column in the view used with that form.

  4. This hide-action formula displays an action only when the view is being filtered.