@UserPrivileges (Formula Language)

Returns a text list of the current user's privileges. This function returns only the position of the privilege in the privilege list, not the name of the privilege.

Note: This @function is obsolete in Release 3. Use @UserRoles instead.



Return value


Text or text list.


This function does not work in scheduled agent formulas.

You cannot use this function in Web applications.


  1. A database has five privileges. User Mary Tsen has been assigned Privileges 2 and 3. This example returns the text list 2:3 (which displays as 2;3 if the multi-value separator for the field containing the formula is semicolon).
  2. This form formula causes the Marketing Report form to be used if the current user has been assigned the first privilege in the list (regardless of what it is called); otherwise, the Main Topic form is used.
    @If(@UserPrivileges = "1"; "Marketing Report"; "Main Topic")