@ProperCase (Formula Language)

Converts the words in a string to proper-name capitalization: the first letter of each word becomes uppercase, all others become lowercase.


@ProperCase( string )



Text or text list. The string you want to convert.

Return value


Text or text list. The string, converted to proper-name capitalization.


If the parameter is a list, the function operates on each element of the list, and the return value is a list with the same number of elements.

A "word" is a consecutive set of characters with no spaces. Hyphenated words are considered two words, as are words separated by any other punctuation except an apostrophe.


  1. This example returns Every Child Loves Toys.
    @ProperCase("every CHILD LOves toys")
  2. This example returns 3-Digit Code.
    @ProperCase("3-digit code")
  3. This example returns Los Angeles if the string in the field named City contains the string los angeles, Los Angeles, LOS ANGELES, los Angeles, or any other variation.
  4. This example returns Robert and Smith in a list.
    @ProperCase("ROBERT" : "SMITH")