@ThisValue (Formula Language)

Returns the value of the current field.

Note: This @function is new with Release 6.



Return value


The value of the current field.


This @function returns null outside a field formula.

Note: A hide formula is not a field formula, even though it can be set from the field properties dialog. The hide formula applies to the paragraph containing the field. Since a paragraph can contain several fields, there is no "current field" in this context.

This @function is useful in writing portable code. Use @ThisValue instead of the name of the current field.


  1. This translation formula replaces all spaces with underscores in the current field.
    @ReplaceSubstring(@ThisValue; " "; "_")
  2. This input validation formula for a listbox field checks whether the user selected more than one list option and asks them to if they have not:
    @If((@ThisValue != "") & (@Elements(@ThisValue) = 1);@Failure("You must select more than one choice");@Success)