@IsNotMember (Formula Language)

Indicates if a text string (or a text list) is not contained within another text list. The function is case-sensitive.


@IsNotMember( textValue ; textListValue ) or @IsNotMember( textListValue1 ; textListValue2 )





Text list.


Text list.


Text list.

Return value



  • Returns 1 (True) if the textValue is not contained in textListValue
  • Returns 0 (False) if it is contained
  • If both parameters are lists, returns 1 if all elements of textListValue1 are not contained in textListValue2


In processing lists, @IsNotMember differs from a simple != test. != returns True if the pair-wise comparison of two entities has no entities in common and False only if the pair-wise comparison of the two entities finds all pairs to be equal. @IsNotMember does not perform a pair-wise comparison, but tests each element in textListValue1against all the elements in the textListValue2 and returns False if it is equal to one of them.

@IsNotMember returns True only if no member of the first argument is contained in the second argument.


  1. This example returns 0.
  2. This example returns 1 if R&D is not in the list of values in the field name Department; returns 0 if R&D is in the list.
  3. This example returns Marketing in the Dept field if the current user is not contained in the list in the SalesDepartment field; otherwise Sales is returned in the Dept field.
    FIELD Dept:=@If(@IsNotMember(@Username;SalesDepartment); "Marketing"; "Sales"); 
  4. This example returns 1 if both the [WebTeam] and [ManageFiles] roles are assigned to the current user; it returns 0 if only one or neither of the roles is assigned to the user.