@UserNamesList (Formula Language)

For a database on a server or a local database with "Enforce a consistent Access Control List across all replicas" in effect, @UserNamesList returns a text list containing the following information for the current user:

  • Common name
  • All hierarchical names (fully distinguished) that include the user name; for example, CN=My Name/OU=My Org Unit/O=My Org, plus */OU=My Org Unit/O=My Org, */O=My Org, and *
  • Any roles associated with the user in the ACL
  • All groups to which the user belongs (only if the database is on a server)
Note: This @Function is new with Release 5.



Return value


Text list. Each list item is a name or role as specified previously. Returns an empty string ("") if the current database is local and "Enforce a consistent Access Control List across all replicas" is not in effect, and the database is not replicated with the server database at least once.


This function does not work in column, selection, mail agent, or scheduled agent formulas.

Choose File - Database - Access Control, Advanced to set "Enforce a consistent Access Control List across all replicas."

@UserRoles returns a subset of the information returned by @UserNamesList.


This subform formula selects a different subform depending on whether the user is a member of the Marketing team or not. This formula works if the database containing it is on a server.
@If(@IsMember("Marketing Team"; @UserNamesList); 
    "Marketing Head"; "Generic Head")