@LanguagePreference (Formula Language)

Returns user's specified preferred language setting.

Note: This function is new with Release 5.


@LanguagePreference ( [ key ] )


[ key ]

Keyword. Specify a category for which you would like to get the preferred language. The following categories are available:


Returns preferred language for region.


Returns preferred language for database contents.


Returns preferred language for alternate name.

Return value


Text or Text list. Language and country code for user's preferred setting. [REGION] language is set as the default. If @LanguagePreference cannot find the language setting for the specified category, it returns the language for [REGION].


@LanguagePreference is used to implement mechanisms for handling language-dependent features. A database that is designed to store data in multiple languages can select the language in which the data should be published for each user by using @LanguagePreference[Content].

@LanguagePreference supports the Web browser client. When the browser client calls @LanguagePreference, it returns a list of languages specified in the Web browser. This returned list is normalized based on the key parameter of the @function.


  1. The following example returns "fr" if your region language setting is French.
  2. The following example returns "en" if you call this function from the Web client and your Web browser's accept language is "English(United States)."