@GetField (Formula Language)

Returns the value of a specified field.

Note: This @function is new with Release 6.


@GetField ( fieldName )



Text. The name of a field in the current document.

Return value


The value of the specified field.


This @function returns null if the field does not exist.

This @function is useful in writing portable code and in other instances where you want to vary the name of the field.

This function returns the complete field value, including all values if the field is multivalued, or the rich text value if it is a rich text field.


  1. This code, when added to a computed field on a form and accessed on the Web or in Notes®, displays Hello if "Hello" is the default value of the greeting field.
  2. This computed field formula multiplies values from two fields. The fields are named by adding suffixes to the name of the current field.
    @GetField(@ThisName + "_Quantity") * @GetField(@ThisName + "_Cost")

Language cross-reference

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