@DDETerminate (Formula Language)

Terminates the conversation with a DDE application.

Note: DDETerminate is not supported by UNIX or on the Macintosh.


@DDETerminate( conversationID )



The conversationID is returned by @DDEInitiate. Use the same conversationID you used with the@DDEInitiate and @DDEExecute commands.

Return value


  • Returns an error if the conversationID is invalid
  • Returns nothing if the conversationID is valid

See @IsError.


It is intended for use primarily in field formulas, agents, and toolbar buttons. Since the Macintosh does not support DDE, these commands will not work on Macintosh workstations.This function does not work in column or selection formulas, and is not intended for use in window title or form formulas.

If the user's NOTES.INI file includes the statement


then any formula involving @DDE functions is disabled. The user doesn't see an error message, the formula fails to execute. Be sure to terminate all DDE conversations once they're completed, or you may run out of sessions and be unable to initiate more conversations when needed.

You cannot use this function in Web applications.


See @DDEExecute.