@InheritedDocumentUniqueID (Formula Language)

The unique ID of the current document's inheritance parent. See @DocumentUniqueID for a description of unique IDs.




This function works in a document being created with a form with field values inherited from the selected document. This function only works in the Notes® client.

In documents that do not inherit, @InheritedDocumentUniqueID returns the same value as @DocumentUniqueID.


  1. In a response document, this field formula creates a doclink to the selected main topic document. The response document must be created with a form that inherits values from the selected main topic document.

    The next time you access this response document, the field still contains a doclink to the parent document.

  2. This example, when used as the default value for a Computed When Composed field on a response form, displays the contents of the "userName" field from the parent document. The form must have the "Formulas inherit values from selected document" property selected on the Default tab of the Form Properties box.
  3. This example, when added to a hotspot button in a response form, displays the contents of the "userName" field in the parent document in a message box. This button only works if the response document has already been saved. On the Paragraph Hide When tab of the Button Properties box, select the "Hide paragraph if formula is true" property. Add @IsNewDoc as the formula.
    id := @Text($REF);
    @Prompt([OK];"Parent field value";@GetDocField(id;"userName"))